Planning Commission

California’s Conservation and Planning law requires the City to establish a Planning Commission. One of its primary functions is as an advisory body to the City Council in matters relating to current and advance planning and the development of the built environment. This includes the review and stewardship of the City’s long-range planning goals, policies and programs on a broad array of issues related to land use, including concessions under state density law. In addition, this body hears and takes action on Tier IV development projects located inside the San Pablo Avenue Plan area, after receiving the recommendation of the Design Review Board. They also hear appeals of administrative decisions of the Zoning Administrator as well as appeals of actions made by the Design Review Board. In addition, the Commission takes action on conditional use permits, variances, development agreements and serves as the approving authority for necessary environmental documentation required by the California Environmental Review Act (CEQA) for any project under their purview.

Enabling Legislation

E.C.M.C. 2.04.230


Carla Hansen, Chair
Andrea Lucas
Michael Iswalt, Vice Chair
Leslie Mendez
Lisa Motoyama
Brendan Bloom
Kevin Colin

Council Liaison

Gabe Quinto

Staff Liaison

Sean Moss, Senior Planner


Margaret Kavanaugh-Lynch, Development Services Manager


7:30 PM
Third Wednesday of the month
City Hall, Council Chambers
10890 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito


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