City Clerk


The city clerk performs all mandated functions under the United States Constitution, the Constitution of the State of California, the California Government and Election Codes, and the El Cerrito Municipal Code. The city clerk serves as clerk of the City Council, Redevelopment Agency, and Municipal Services Corporation; oversees preparation and noticing of agendas, records, and the official legislative history; maintains city records; acts as filing officer for the California Fair Political Practices Commission; conducts municipal elections; and performs a variety of other administrative duties for the City Council, Redevelopment Agency Board, Municipal Services Corporation, and city manager.


The city clerk is one of the main communication points between the residents of El Cerrito and the City Council.

Main functions of the office include:
  • City Council and board, commission, and committee support
  • Elections
  • Recordation, preservation, and maintenance of the city's legislative history
  • Public information and citywide records management
  • Review and monitoring of campaign and conflict of interest statements

Mission Statement

The city clerk seeks to provide the best possible service to the residents of El Cerrito, the City Council, city staff, and all public agencies.

Our primary goal is to ensure residents' trust in government by supporting the City's legislative process and to provide open, accurate, and timely legislative history; safeguard all official records of the City; administer open elections; and deliver information and services efficiently and accurately to the public.