City Manager

Role of the City Manager

Under the policies established by the City Council, the city manager is responsible for the efficient, ethical, and professional management of all affairs and departments operating within the city. The city manager is the city's chief executive, employed by and directly responsible to the City Council. The city manager organizes and directs a team of department heads and staff to implement programs and deliver public services. The city manager also serves as the executive director of the city's Municipal Finance Authority.

The city manager's functions include:
  • Support of the City Council and implementation of policies and directives from the City Council
  • Provide leadership and manage the services and programs provided by all city departments
  • Continue to build and develop a strong management team
  • Prepare a budget that identifies all the revenues and expenditures anticipated in the forthcoming fiscal year in a fiscally sound manner
  • Ensure the highest level of customer service to residents and businesses
  • Oversee the process for development of capital and infrastructure projects, striving to ensure that the projects are successfully accomplished within specified time frames
  • Engage residents and foster community partnerships and interagency collaborations
  • Ensure that City Hall provides a professional and environmentally friendly work environment for our customers and employees, maintaining the building as a symbol of pride for residents