Ohlone Greenway BART AREA Access, Safety and Placemaking Improvements Project, C3076

The Public Works Department has substantially completed construction of access, safety and placemaking improvements along the Ohlone Greenway in and around the area of the El Cerrito Plaza and del Norte BART stations. The project improved and widened the mixed-use path; upgraded and expanded existing crosswalks on adjacent streets to create high visibility pedestrian zones with new striping, special pavement, improved signage, curb bulb-outs, upgraded curb ramps and flashing lights. The project also included placemaking elements such as native landscaping, seating lighting and other amenities to increase the sense of connectivity to the rest of the greenway and establish a strong sense of place at these transportation gateways to the community.

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Improvements at the el Cerrito del norte bart station


Improvements at the el cerrito plaza bart station


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Mike Wright, Contractor Project Manager                                 Vanguard Construction                     Ph: (925) 580-8193


Charlie Hayler, City's Resident Engineer                                         Ph: (916) 472-9122


Gerardo Avila, City's Project Manager Ph: (510) 215-4322


Public Works Department, Engineering Division                       Ph: (510) 215-4382