2018 Curb Ramp and Sidewalk Repair Program

This Winter 2018/19, the City of El Cerrito Public Works Department will be constructing 24 curb ramps at the following intersections:

  1. Carlson Boulevard at El Dorado Street
  2. Carlson Boulevard at Avila Street
  3. Carlson Boulevard at San Diego Street
  4. Carlson Boulevard at Central Avenue
  5. Central Avenue at Yosemite Street
  6. Central Avenue at Santa Clara Street, and
  7. Canyon Trail at Miravista Drive and Hagen Boulevard

Sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs will also be made at the following addresses and locations:

  1. Carlson Boulevard at: #3020, #3201,
  2. Central Avenue at: #5806 #5813, #5900, #5914, #5929 and at the median island between San Pablo Avenue and Carlson Boulevard,
  3. Cutting Boulevard at #6630,
  4. Douglas Avenue at #1520,
  5. Edith Street at #2303,
  6. Elm Street at #1345,
  7. Fairmount Avenue at: #6814, #6818, and #332 Coronado Street (on Fairmount Avenue frontage),
  8. Kearney Street at: #500 and #1600,
  9. Moeser Lane at #707,
  10. Potrero Avenue at: #6523, #7141 and #7806,
  11. Richmond Street at #907 and #1237,
  12. Roberta Drive at #8509, and
  13. Santa Clara Avenue at #3213 and #3225.

The project will begin construction in late November and be completed by February 2019. Once work begins at each of the above locations, it should be completed within two weeks. Please reference this map for all of the locations. Advance notice of the specific traffic impacts and schedule will be sent to residents who are located within the immediate vicinity of these locations. This notice will be provided by the City’s construction contractor Kerex Engineering and will include their contact information. In the meantime, if you have any general questions you can contact Gerardo Avila, the City’s Consultant Project Manager/Resident Engineer by phone at (510) 215-4322 or by email.


Gerardo Avila, Project Manager and Resident Engineer, Avila Project Management   

(510) 215-4322


​Kerex Engineering, Inc.
​City's Construction Contractor
​Office: (877) 782-6730