Engineering Division

Due to COVID-19 City Hall counter (walk-in) office hours are currently modified to 9 AM - 1PM Monday-Thursday. City Services are via email, phone or by appointment M/W/Alternate Fridays 8am-4pm and T/TH 8am-6pm). Please visit for the most up-to-date information and a listing of contact information for City Services.

Engineering Division Overview

  • The Engineering Division serves to plan, design and construct improvements to public facilities and infrastructure
  • Plan and construct improvements to City streets, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, parks, storm drains, creeks, and public buildings
  • Provide quality design review and inspection services for residents, developers, private contractors, and utility companies and ensure compliance with local regulations and design standards
  • Plan and implement safe, efficient, and accessible movements for all modes of travel in the City, including pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles, transit, and persons of all ages and abilities

Engineering Division Programs & Plans