Department Overview

Recreation Department Mission Statement

The Recreation Department is committed to meeting the needs of the residents of El Cerrito and neighboring communities. It is the goal of our staff to provide friendly, reliable services that will enhance the quality of life through diverse programs and activities. We value and encourage citizen input in the delivery of our service.

The Recreation Department manages a full range of recreational and special activities for youth, adults and seniors. The department also schedules activities and rentals of buildings, picnic areas, sports fields and tennis courts. The administrative cost is spread across four program areas, providing overall management of activities, long-range and short-range planning, personnel and budget administration, coordination with other agencies, support to advisory commissions and committees, and management of grants and capital improvement projects related to the department. This is accomplished by:
  • Coordinating and delivering recreational, cultural, educational and social service programs for all ages
  • Developing partnerships with community organizations, advisory groups and citizens
  • Offering volunteer opportunities for individuals and organizations
  • Coordinating and managing of facility rentals
  • Providing support and direction for special activities
  • Researching, applying for, and administering recreation-funding grants

Community Center Office Hours

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