COVID19 Volunteen Options


Ongoing - Organize a community pantry of non-perishable and canned foods. Make sure it remains clean, stocked with appropriate food items, and track your progress. This can be ongoing and done at your own pace.

November 2020Organize and do a community canned food drive. More information coming soon!


Ongoing - Write letters/greeting cards/postcards to our homebound or otherwise isolated community members. This is ongoing and can be done as often as you'd like from the comfort of your own home. We will coordinate where and who the cards will go to and how to get them where they need to go.

Ongoing - Create a routine route of your community seniors or other vulnerable person. Consider adding their groceries or other items to your store run or online order. Maybe play a game from the other side of a window or at a safe social distance. Read to them their favorite book or poem, or introduce them to yours. We will help and monitor your route and hours spent visiting or running errands.

Coming Soon - Light Yard Work Assistance Program. We will connect you with seniors or homebound individuals in need of light yard work (watering, pulling weeds, sweeping, etc.)

Winter 2020 - youth letter holiday card writing opportunities pending.


Ongoing - The Great Kindness Challenge comes with a check off list of things to do. Some may take more than one day, some may take only an hour. Complete at your own pace.

Ongoing - Kindness Rocks! Paint rocks with words of encouragement, affirmations, or kindness and spread them across your community and the city. Take photos of ones you find and share them. This can be done on your own time.

Coming Soon - Random Acts of Kindness


Ongoing - Do you know how to/like to sew? Make face masks to donate to local seniors or individuals in need. This can be done on your own time and at your own pace. We will help you coordinate where there is need and assist with the delivery of the items if you aren't able to.

Ongoing - Make a rainbow, heart collage, or other fun and uplifting art. Children around the world are creating rainbow art, hanging it in their windows or drawing it on the sidewalk, to spread cheer and solidarity as people spot it on neighborhood walks or “rainbow scavenger hunts.” Travel to different neighborhoods and create some art, maybe leave a note to have others add or join in. 

Ongoing - Become a citizen archivists for a non-profit organization such as the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Would you enjoy transcribing speeches made by Franklin Roosevelt, case histories made by the Tennessee Valley Authority during the Great Depression, or cataloguing Purple Hearts awarded between 1942-1963? All of these tasks are awaiting the help of virtual volunteers right now. The Smithsonian also engages citizen scholars in tasks such as transcribing diaries of prominent Americans or joining the Wikipedia Volunteer Program’s efforts to strengthen the website’s offerings on Smithsonian-relevant content.

Choose Your Own - lists hundreds of volunteer opportunities that can be completed online, locally or nationally. - explore thousands of virtual volunteer opportunities; select those specific to the coronavirus response.

United Nations Volunteers - More online volunteer opportunities to help others around the world are easily found via United Nations Volunteers, a resource dedicated solely to matching virtual volunteers to much-needed support opportunities