Codes, Plans & Regulations

The General Plan

The General Plan is a comprehensive plan for the City of El Cerrito. The General Plan contains goals and policies to guide the City’s development. All projects, programs, and City ordinances, must be consistent with the goals and policies of the General Plan.

The Housing Element

The Housing Element is one of seven mandatory elements to a local jurisdiction's General Plan. State law (Senate Bill 375) requires jurisdictions in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, including El Cerrito, to update their Housing Element based on an eight year planning period that begins in 2015.

The San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

The San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan articulates a vision for the future of San Pablo Avenue. The Specific Plan contains a Form Based Code, Complete Streets Plan, and Infrastructure Analysis that identify improvements and adopt context-sensitive regulations for all projects within the Specific Plan area.

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance is found in Title 19 of the Municipal Code. It contains specific requirements for new projects and construction in El Cerrito. The Zoning Ordinance also establishes which land uses (types of businesses and residences) are allowed in each zoning district. The Zoning Ordinance is consistent with the General Plan and implements the goals and policies found in the General Plan.

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map will tell you which zoning district a particular property is in. Using the zoning designation, you can look up specific development standards and allowed land uses in the Zoning Ordinance.

Zoning for individual properties can be found by searching for a property address. The zoning and General Plan land use designations will appear in the search results. To view all City zoning districts, turn on the zoning layer and labels under Planning in the Legend menu.

For more information on the codes, plans, and regulations of El Cerrito, contact the Planning Division at (510) 215.4330.