Patrol Division

ICV police vehicleAbout the Field Operations Division

Field Operations personnel (Patrol) are what most people think of as "the police." They are the men and women who patrol the City in marked cars, motorcycles, and sometimes bicycles or on foot. These officers come from diverse backgrounds and speak several different languages, including Spanish, Cantonese, and Tagalog. Patrol is the backbone of the Police Department's community oriented policing effort. Police patrol car

The Field Operations Division provides directed police patrols on a 24-hour basis. We respond to calls for service in a timely fashion, in an effort to provide a safer environment for citizens and their property by investigating crimes and subsequently arresting and prosecuting offenders.

This Division also includes the Bicycle Patrol Program and K-9 Unit.

The Field Operations Division supports the City Council's goal of continued community safety by:
  • Creating an atmosphere of dialogue and exchange, which fosters shared problem solving between residents, businesses, schools and visitors
  • Being responsive to specific and unique neighborhood problems through neighborhood meetings and community gatherings
  • Establishing a positive relationship between patrol officers and children
  • Reducing traffic collision rate through enforcement of violations contributing to collision causation
  • Responding to calls for service
  • Investigating suspicious vehicles, persons and circumstances to deter criminal activity
Our Field Operations Division consists of 4 Teams, each lead by a Sergeant. One of the four teams is on-duty at all times.

All Patrol Officers are equipped to handle most common criminal investigations.

Our vehicles contain evidence kits and modern emergency response equipment.

Our Officers deploy with Automated External Defibulators to help cardiac patients and all are trained in Advanced / Tactical First Aid.

Most Patrol Officers are cross trained for at least one ancillary duty such as:
  • CSI
  • Mobile Field Force
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Field Training Officers
  • Firearms or Defensive Tactics Instructors
  • Crisis Negotiators
  • Explorer Advisors
  • Driving & Motorcycle Instructors