Regional Transportation Projects

I-80 SMART Corridor Project

The purpose of the I-80 SMART Corridor Project is to enhance motorist safety and reduce traffic congestion on one of the busiest freeways in the Bay Area. Spanning multiple jurisdictions, I-80 is a major route for commuters and transit services and is crucial to the transport of goods into and out of the Bay Area. The project will significantly reduce primary and secondary accidents, improve traffic flow along the corridor, integrate the interstate with local arterial systems, and reduce cut-through traffic and driving times.

South Richmond Transportation Connectivity Plan

The South Richmond Transportation Connectivity Plan will identify key deficiencies in the local and regional transportation network and include specific recommendations to improve multi-modal connectivity between the City's Southern Shoreline and Central Richmond neighborhoods as well as adjacent communities including El Cerrito, Albany, and Berkeley.

West County High-Capacity Transit Study

The West County High Capacity Transit Study is evaluating options for major transit investments in key corridors based on where people want to go now and are expected to go in the future. The Study is focused on rapid and direct services that can attract new riders among the 250,000 residents of West County and can be a competitive alternative to driving.