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Lifeguard Training

Participants will learn about the duties and responsibilities of a lifeguard and how to carry them out in a professional manner. Certification includes Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.
Pre-requisites: 15 years of age by last day of class. 300 yard swim non-stop demonstrating Freestyle and Breaststroke. Tread water using legs only for 2 minutes. Swim 20 yards, retrieve 10lb brick from 7 feet of water, swim back, place brick on deck and climb out of pool without using stairs within 1 minutes and 40 seconds.
An online pre-course must be completed before the first day of class
Register online or contact us for more information at or (510) 559-7011

Lifeguard TrainingPhoto by Evan Clark

Lifeguard Training Classes

Res Fee: $190 NRes Fee: $238
Date Days Time Activity
4/6-4/10 M-F 8am-12pm 443504-01
4/13-4/16 M-Th 9am-2pm

Lifeguard Recertification Class

Res Fee: $120 NRes Fee: $140
Date Days Time Activity
5/2 Sa 9am-5pm
5/30 Sa 9am-5pm 443504-07

Junior Guard ProgramPhoto by Stephen Dunkle

Junior Lifeguard Program

Our Junior Lifeguard Program is designed for youth ages 11 to 14 who love the water and hope to eventually become a certified lifeguard. Junior Lifeguard participants will receive training and certification in American Red Cross Guard Start, First Aid, CPR and Water Safety Instructor Aide. This is an intensive program with a focus on aquatic safety, prevention of accidents, communication, team building, and customer service.
Prerequisites: Swim 200 yards in deep water in freestyle and breaststroke, tread water for two minutes.

Register online or contact us for more information at or (510) 559-7011

Junior Lifeguard Training

Res Fee: $185 NRes Fee: $230
Date Days Time Activity
4/6-4/10 M-F 12:30pm-3:30pm 433506-01

Babysitter's Training - Babysitting Basics

American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training is a 6-hour interactive class for youth ages 11 to 14, in which participants learn by doing.  The course teaches how to:

  •     Interview for a babysitting job
  •     Choose safe and age-appropriate toys and games
  •     Carry out basic care such as feeding, changing and holding
  •     Perform basic first aid
  •     Ensure a safe babysitting experience, and more.

Upon successful course completion participants will receive an American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training certificate.  If you have a Scout troop or group of 5 or more interested participants and would like to arrange a class please contact the Aquatics Staff.

Babysitting ClassPhoto by Stephen Dunkle