Tree Removal Policy & Procedures

The City is committed to protecting, planting, and caring for trees within the public right-of-way. These are trees located in the parking strip area between the curb and sidewalk, in parks, and at various City facilities.

The City utilizes a Certified Arborist to confirm whenever tree removals are warranted and/or necessary.

Trees tagged for removal may be replaced by the City. When trees are removed from the public right-of-way, the City will work with the property owner to select replacement tree species from the Approved City Tree List that are appropriate to the planting site.

Trees are typically removed and replaced when:

They are dead, dying or diseased
They are a hazard due to their overall health or structural condition
They have approached the end of their safe and useful life expectancy
Recently, pine trees at various locations throughout the City have been removed due to disease, drought, age, health, and safety concerns. Some of these sites will receive replacement trees (15 gallon container size).

Locations include:

  • Canyon Trail Park
  • Cerrito Vista Park
  • Casa Cerrito
  • Community Center
  • Tassajara Park