Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a strategy for planning and programming public physical improvements. It includes improvements that are scheduled over the next 10 years. The CIP indicates the expected timing and the approximate cost for each project.

The CIP is comprised of those projects for which a scope and a cost estimate is available. In some cases, an ongoing program is shown simply as a project, and the specific year-to-year scope is yet to be identified. Funding sources have been identified where possible, but many projects are included for which no funding source has been secured or, at times, identified. The 10-Year CIP is reviewed and updated each year to reflect changes in priorities, scheduling realities, the availability of funding, and to include such new projects that have been identified over the past year as individual projects or as part of comprehensive plans such as the San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets Plan, Urban Greening Plan, and Active Transportation Plan. The CIP can also be amended periodically as new projects or funding sources are identified.

For Capital Improvements Projects, please contact Roland Lambert, Acting Engineering Manager/Senior Engineer at or call the Engineering Division at (510) 215-4382.

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