Landscape and Lighting Assessment District (or “LLAD”)

Annual Engineer’s Report 
(annual reports are available upon request)
On June 6, 1988, the City Council established Assessment District No. 1988-1 pursuant to the Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972. The purpose of this Landscape and Lighting Assessment District (or “LLAD”) is to raise funds to support improvements and maintenance of the City’s park areas, landscaping areas, and street lighting. Every year since 1988, this Assessment District has generated approximately $771,000 to support LLAD activities.

In November 1996, the LLAD was approved by the voters and therefore complies with the provisions of Proposition 218. Any increase in the assessment fee level would be subject to Proposition 218’s voter approval requirement.

In order to impose this annual assessment, the City Council must annually authorize an Engineer’s Report to identify the costs, uses, and general benefits of those parcels within the Assessment District. As detailed in the Engineer’s Report, the revenues are used for eligible activities including staff salaries and wages, streetlight maintenance, utility costs for the District, landscaping services, graffiti removal, and park maintenance.

The City Council must then accept the Engineer’s Report and conduct a public hearing to hear comments on the imposition of these assessments in order for the assessment to be imposed. The City is also required to cause the notice of the public hearing to be published one time at least ten days prior to the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation.

Following is a schedule of the residential and commercial rates for the annual LLAD assessment, effective FY 2011-12:

Residential Zoning CategoryPer UnitPer Foot
MFR 2-20 Units$54.00-
MFR >20 Units$1,080.00 + $36.00 (over 20)-
PVT Inst-$0.33
Vacant Lot$36.00-
Vacant Land-$.17