Housing Resources

Affordable Rental Housing in El Cerrito

The Housing Division maintains a list of existing affordable housing units in the City of El Cerrito. See the list of affordable rental housing in El Cerrito. Read Steps to Find Affordable Housing to learn more about how to apply for affordable housing units. Please contact the property you are interested in to find out how to apply and/or be placed on the property wait list.

AB987 Summary Document

State of California Assembly Bill (AB) 987, which became effective January 1, 2008, requires all redevelopment agencies to maintain a database of all affordable units receiving Housing Fund investments after that date.

In addition, AB 987 stipulates that all redevelopment agencies create a document containing all properties that have received Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds, and have active affordability restrictions. This document is available to the public and will be updated annually. Click here to review the document.

Community Housing Resources

Please visit the links below to find additional resources for housing and other services in Contra Costa County:

Looking for Information on the Housing Element Update?

Learn about the Housing Element update (for 2015 to 2023)