Arlington Boulevard at Madera and Brewster Drives

Safety Improvements Project

This project will improve safety for students walking to Madera Elementary School along Arlington Boulevard. Arlington Boulevard is a minor arterial street, which is designated as a "Pedestrian Route" in the El Cerrito Circulation Plan for Bicyclists and Pedestrians. This route links several key destinations in the City including Madera Elementary School and Arlington Park. Uncontrolled school crosswalks serving Madera Elementary School are located on the south leg of Arlington Boulevard at Madera Drive and north leg of Arlington Boulevard at Brewster Drive. The project consists of the following specific improvements:
  • Installation of curb bulb-outs at the crosswalks on Arlington Drive at Madera Drive and Brewster Drive;
  • Installation of new in-pavement flashing lights with automatic detection, LED-enhanced signs and interconnected advance flashing beacons and signs for the crosswalk at Madera Drive;
  • Construction of ADA-compliant ramps at both intersections;
  • Update of City website page to provide educational information on the meaning and use of in-pavement flashing lights with automatic detection, and publication of a similar article in either the City's Seasonal Recreation Brochure or the City's Quarterly "News and Views" Newsletter;
  • A targeted enforcement activity of motorist violations of pedestrian right-of-way at the Madera Drive crosswalk. The event will be publicized via a News Release.
  • Evaluation of the benefits of the program, as required, via official Student Travel Talley Sheets and Parent Surveys.

A federal grant of $230,470 from the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program is fully funding this project.