Public Right of Way

The public right of way is typically a strip of land 50 to 60 feet wide that contains the public street, sidewalks, and utilities. The edge of the right of way is also the property line for the abutting property. To determine where the actual right of way/property line is, please refer to the Public Right of Way Widths table. Within the table, the streets are listed alphabetically, and may have multiple segments of the same street listed.

For each segment listed, you will find a number series written as 10-30-10 for example, which is the width of the three portions of the right of way as shown in the below diagram (B-C-D). When the two parking strips are different widths, there will be directional indication inserted; 12N-40-8S for example. This means that the north parking strip is 12 feet and the south parking strip is 8 feet. PLEASE NOTE: this information is relatively accurate, but it cannot be substituted for a legal survey.

Property owners have rights and obligations concerning the public right of way around their property. These pertain to vegetation management, drainage, and permits to build encroachments. For more detailed information of these rights and obligations, please click here.

PROW Cross Section Image