Tree Inventory

In 2013, the City completed the El Cerrito tree inventory, a detailed study funded by a grant from the US Forest Service and CalFire to help the City manage its trees in a more productive and economical way.

The Tree Inventory

This inventory details El Cerrito street trees as well as trees in City parks, along the Ohlone Greenway and in the Hillside Natural Area. (It does not include private trees.)

Using this new online tool, you can find out about individual trees; their size, location and environmental benefits for energy reduction, carbon sequestration, stormwater benefit, property value and air quality.

You can search for groups of trees in an area such as a park or a street and find out the species and sizes. For example, you can search for the largest trees or the number of Coast Live Oaks.


How to Use the Tree Inventory Online Tool

Click on link above, then click on "Guest" log-in. Once the database has opened, follow these steps:

A. To search for a tree or trees at one or more addresses, click on the link above, then go to Quick Lookup:
  1. Enter the desired street number in Address (from) and Address (to) then type in the street name, select the street name from the drop down menu and left click with your mouse. Then click “Lookup Address”
  2. Once you have the tree list on the screen, click "View" to see the attributes of the tree.
  3. At the top of the page you can left click on the icon (when present) to access the Tree Benefits Calculator. (only common tree species are listed)
B. To search for a particular tree species or size go to Sites, left click “Find” under Street Tree Sites, scroll down to species and select from the drop down menu.

C. To view reports go to Reports and click on the listed reports.

D. You can customize the report you want with some experimentation on the website.
If you have questions about trees or the Tree Inventory Online Tool, please contact Stephen Pree.