2014 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

The 2014 Pavement Rehabilitation Project will repair the roadway surface on four streets within the City by constructing a thin asphalt concrete overlay over the existing pavement surface.

Along with a thin asphalt concrete overlay (two to three inches), the work includes the following:
  • Reconstruction of portions of sidewalk;
  • Repair of curbs and gutters that have been displaced by tree roots;
  • Construction of curb ramps;
  • Patch paving of localized failed areas;
  • Wedge and conform grinding;
  • Installation of thermoplastic striping and markers; and
  • Tree removal and replacement on Manila Ave.
The following is a list of the streets included in this project:
  • Colusa Avenue – Terrace Drive to Errol Drive
  • Fairmount Avenue – Richmond Street to Colusa Avenue
  • Manila Avenue – Richmond Street to Kearney Avenue
  • Arlington Blvd – Arbor Drive to Villa Nueva Drive

Funding Information

The estimated cost for design and construction of the 2014 Pavement Rehabilitation Program is $1,010,000. In addition to the $630,000 One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) grant, the City will complete the funding for the project with $380,000 in Measure A funds.

Construction is Underway!

Construction efforts have begun! For a look at the overall pavement project, please look here: Overall Schedule. For a detailed schedule of the next three weeks, please look here: 3 Week Look-ahead.

Construction activities will typically start at 8 a.m. and finish by 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (no weekend work is planned so far). Prior to commencing work on each street, residents along the street will receive an additional notice from the City's Contractor, Gallagher & Burk, with Contractor's contact information.

If you have any questions before then, please contact Gerardo Avila, the City's Consultant Project Manager at (510) 215-4322 or email. You may also contact the City's Public Works Department at (510) 215-4382.

Your patience during this major construction project is greatly appreciated.