City Hall Gallery Space

Peace Cranes for Ukraine - A Children's Peace Project

by the Diamond Dragons, a 2nd grade class at Fairmont Elementary School, led by Teacher Angela Brandt

As background, the artwork is focused on the Artists’ desire to “chase the world by making it a more peaceful place” through the creation of a thousand paper cranes that each will have a handwritten note of peace and hope for Ukraine. The cranes will be made with blue and yellow origami paper, like the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The idea of creating paper cranes as a plea for peace originated from the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, which tells the real-life story of a young Japanese girl during post-WWII battling leukemia as a result of radiation poison from the nuclear bomb dropped on her hometown of Hiroshima. Sadako began folding over a thousand paper cranes with the hope that she would be freed from her illness.

This event is sponsored by the Arts and Culture Commission, who approved a mini-grant covering the costs of art materials and the reception at the April meeting. At this same meeting, the Artists provided a presentation to the Commission outlining their proposal and planned efforts. 

We are very honored and excited to be hosting this event at City Hall!

Peace Cranes for Ukraine