The Exchange Zone

The Recycling Center's Exchange Zone area promotes the exchange of reuseable items. Community members are welcome to take item as well as donate usable items for others to take home. The Exchange Zone structure is located directly across from the Recycling Center Office. Please review the Rules of Conduct.

 DO NOT LEAVE large bulky or broken items, furniture, luggage, mattresses, rugs or carpet, wood, appliances, electronics, vacuums, microwaves, windows or plate glass, mirrors, foam, food, cribs, clothing, toiletries, cassette tapes (VHS, audio), household hazardous waste, garbage, or mixed materials.

Accepted Items:

  • Hangers: bin for metal, plastic, or wooden clothes hangers in good condition.
  • Books: hardcover and paperback books in reusable condition
  • Corks: one barrel each for natural corks and synthetic corks
  • Office supplies: notebooks, paper, clips, pens, etc. in good condition
  • CDs + DVDs
  • Toys and games -- no larger than 10"x10"

  • Eyeglasses: bring glasses into Recycling Center Office to donate to the Lions Club
  • Garden Pots: plastic and ceramic pots and planters in good condition can be placed in the Planters bin
  • Housewares, Hardware, Sporting Goods: bring to Reuse Trailer staff for possible donation