El Cerrito Creative ReUse (ECCRU) Artist Residency

ECCRU logoThe City of El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission recently selected
artist Sandy Drobny to fill the El Cerrito Creative ReUse (ECCRU) Artist Residency, beginning in October 2017. During her ECCRU residency, Droby will create artwork using materials found at RERC, conduct workshops or other educational programs, provide an exhibition of artwork created during the residency, and donate one piece of artwork to the City.

About her work, Drobny said, “I enjoy showcasing the use of recycled or found materials in my work, and I am incredibly adept at seeing artistic potential in a multitude of objects. I am a weaver, and I work with repurposed materials. I want people to see that weaving is not just an ancient pursuit, but it is alive and well in this century. I want to engage the public, and educate them about creative reuse as well as weaving as an art form.”

She also said, “My inspirational muse, in recent years, has been the humble, ubiquitous plastic shopping bag. Seemingly useless, and easily discarded, the bags are transformed through weaving into vibrant lengths of cloth. I began weaving with plastic bags in an attempt to call attention to the needless waste perpetuated by their existence. As an artist, I always let the materials speak to me, so who knows? Depending on what’s found, my artwork may veer in a different direction altogether.”

Drobny has previously done art residencies at Recology and at St. Vincent de Paul. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Design from UC Davis and an Associate degree in Arts, Apparel Design and Merchandising from the College of Alameda. She also has years of experience as an art teacher and weaving instructor.

ECCRU Artist Residency

The program is intended to support local artists (in Contra Costa & Alameda Counties) who work with recycled materials, and to encourage environmental stewardship – specifically, resource conservation, recycling and upcycling - in the community through art that inspires people to think about sustainability and consumption.

The ECCRU Artist Residency provides the artist with: a stipend, access to certain materials at the City's Recycling + Environmental Resource Center for use in artistic projects, an on-site storage bin for materials, and support for an exhibition at the end of the residency. Artwork will be created in the artist’s own workspace, which is not provided.

We encourage artists working in all mediums to apply, including but not limited to, painters, textile artists, musicians, performers, photographers, printmakers, those working in film and video, and conceptual and installation artists.

In addition to the access to materials, the ECCRU Artist will receive a stipend of $100 per month of the residency (i.e. $600 for a six-month term).


The ECCRU Artist must:
  • Be either a resident of or work in Contra Costa or Alameda County
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Demonstrate a commitment to upcycling and creative reuse
  • Artists must demonstrate that creation of the artwork will be conducted in a safe workspace with the proper tools required for the chosen mediums. If deemed appropriate, the Artist must conduct a site visit to their workspace as part of the interview process.
For more information, please contact Arts and Culture Commission staff liaison Maya Williams at 510-215-4318 or by email.

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