5828 El Dorado St

Project Description

The project site is located at 5828 El Dorado Street (APNs 510-037-001, -002, -027, and -028).
The project proposes 27 townhome units on an 0.84 acre site.

The site lies within the Multi-Family Residential (RM) zoning district.
The proposed project is consistent with the land use and development standards of the RM zoning district.

Submitted Plans/Reports

Plans submitted on February 23, 2016.

Final RV Park Closure Analysis Report, dated March 24, 2016.

Final RV Park Closure Analysis Report, revised April 27, 2016.
This version of the report includes revisions to Attachment B.

Public Process

The project requires approval of a Tentative Subdivision Map and Design Review approval.

The Design Review Board conducted a preliminary conceptual review of the project on October 7, 2015.
At this meeting, the the Board heard from the public and gave comments to the applicant regarding the project's design. The Final Design Review of the architecture, landscape architecture and aesthetic elements of the project will be considered by the Board if the Tentative Subdivision map is approved.

The Planning Commission will consider the subdivision map and make a recommendation to the City Council. This public hearing is scheduled for May 18, 2016. The meeting agenda and staff report will be available on the Planning Commission webpage prior to the meeting. The City Council will take the final action regarding the Tentative Subdivision Map after the Planning Commission makes its recommendation.

For questions regarding the project, please contact Senior Planner Sean Moss.