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Jan 22

ECPD Participation in Urban Shield

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 12:29 PM by Suzanne Iarla

This past fall, Detective Corporal JT Wahrlich participated in Urban Shield as the El Cerrito PD member of the Richmond PD/El Cerrito PD Crisis Response Team.

Urban Shield is a 48 hour continuous team based competition via active scenario tests that takes place throughout the greater Bay Area. The teams compete in scenarios ranging from home entries, and school active shooters to terrorists on a train or airplane (yes, they use a real plane). Cpl. Wahrlich’s membership on the team as an ancillary assignment represents a regional approach to readiness and response that was a turning point for both agencies. Cpl. Wahrlich passed one of the most rigorous physical tests in the profession including a grueling obstacle course, a tactical handgun qualification, and oral board presentation only to then have to pass the SWAT/CRT school to make the team. As a former Army Ranger, Cpl. Wahrlich had endured demanding training, but to do it given the demands of a professional peace officer serving in an urban environment, a decade after Ranger training presented different challenges. The City is proud of Cpl. Wahrlich and anticipates adding another officer to the regional team this year.