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Jan 22

Playfield Improvements Scheduled for December and January

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 12:38 PM by Suzanne Iarla

Operations Environmental Services Division (OESD) staff and contractors scheduled improvements to several El Cerrito playing fields during the months of December and January. Playfields at Cerrito Vista, Harding, upper Canyon Trail, and Castro were closed for use during the month of December. The infields at Castro and Canyon Trail were leveled and reworked for improved drainage and play, and the three “pinto” playfields at Cerrito Vista were improved with new sod at all nine base areas. Extensive irrigation repairs were also completed at Cerrito Vista. Minor work at all other fields will continue in January. El Cerrito Youth Baseball contributed volunteers and equipment to many of these efforts – including skilled labor and equipment via a donation from Pacific States – and is working in direct partnership with City staff on scheduled improvements.
Scheduled down-time for El Cerrito’s playing fields is an important maintenance strategy that allows fields to recover from regular year-round use. According to El Cerrito’s youth baseball and soccer leagues, league activities (which account for a majority of field use) have increased by ~20% in the past few years. This increase in participation has resulted in more significant field impacts because of the need for more practices and games on El Cerrito’s fields. OESD staff is now meeting regularly with league presidents and other partners in order to identify the field maintenance and improvement needs that will be necessary to keep El Cerrito’s fields in playable condition given available City resources and volunteer efforts.

Members of the El Cerrito community can help ensure that El Cerrito’s playfields are well-maintained by immediately reporting issues such as dry/bare/wet spots, irrigation issues, and other matters to the OESD at 510-215-4369 or by email