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Sep 14

City Receives “2012 Most Improved Roads” Award

Posted on September 14, 2020 at 11:00 AM by Margaret Livingston

“2012 Most Improved Roads” Award from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission
In December, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) announced that the City of El Cerrito has been awarded the “2012 Most Improved Roads Award” recognizing the City for having the greatest improvement in road conditions of any jurisdiction in the Bay Area over a three-year period. At the January 21, 2014, El Cerrito City Council meeting, City staff will present the award to the City Council.

El Cerrito managed to transform from a City with one of the worst pavement conditions in the Bay Area in 2006 to among one of the best and MTC has recognized this change with the “2012 Most Improved Roads” Award covering the period between 2010 and 2012. In addition, MTC’s annual report for 2012 (which was released in late 2013) listed the City of El Cerrito among the top three cities in the region for pavement condition and one of only seven jurisdictions to have an average of “very good” pavement conditions.

The MTC report uses the standardized Pavement Condition Index (PCI) to rate streets on a 100-point scale with failed streets at 0 and excellent streets at 100. MTC compares each city based on a three-year moving average of each jurisdiction’s PCI.

City of El Cerrito Average Pavement Condition Index Scores
Year 1-year Average PCI       3-yr Average PCI
2012 84 (Very Good)                    84 (Very Good)
2011 Not Evaluated                       73 (Good)
2010 85 (Very Good)                    62 (Fair)
2009 52 (At-Risk)                       50 (At-Risk)
2007 Not Evaluated                      50 (At-Risk)
2006 48 (Poor)                              53 (At-Risk) 
(MTC did not separately report 2008 data.)

MTC considers PCI scores of 90 or higher to be “excellent.” These are newly built or resurfaced streets that show little or no distress. Pavement with a PCI score in the 80 to 89 range is considered “very good,” and shows only slight or moderate distress, requiring primarily preventive maintenance. The “good” category ranges from 70 to 79, while streets with PCI scores in the “fair” (60-69). Roadways with PCI scores of 50 to 59 are deemed “at-risk,” while those with PCI scores of 25 to 49 are considered “poor.” These roads require major rehabilitation or reconstruction. Pavement with a PCI score below 25 is considered “failed.” These roads are difficult to drive on and need reconstruction. The City’s one-year and three-year average scores are listed below.

The City boosted its one-year PCI score to 84 (very good) in 2012 from just 48 (poor) in 2006. The significant strides made in improving the conditions of El Cerrito roads is the result of the funding provided by Measure A – El Cerrito Pothole Repair, Local Street Improvement and Maintenance Measure, which was approved by voters in 2008 and had a three-year accelerated implementation schedule between 2009 and 2011. The initial goal of the accelerated Measure A work plan was to raise the PCI up to or near 70 (good).

The City of El Cerrito also received the “2011 Most Improved Roads” honor in 2012 for the period between 2009 and 2011.