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Jan 22

Ohlone Greenway – Entire Path Reopened

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 12:43 PM by Suzanne Iarla

For the last two years as part of the BART Earthquake Safety Program, BART has been performing major retrofits of its aerial structures that run along the Ohlone Greenway (from North Berkeley to Richmond). Due to this retrofit work, BART had to temporarily close segments of the Ohlone Greenway for several months at a time. As of the first week in January, all segments of the path along the Greenway have been reopened to the public. Minor landscaping, irrigation, striping and other work will continue for up to two months.

As part of the agreement executed between BART and the City of El Cerrito for the use of the entire Ohlone Greenway during construction, the path along the Ohlone Greenway was upgraded. Bicyclists and pedestrians are now able to use an enhanced mixed-use path that is wider and has a new pavement section, shoulder and striping. Various City projects geared at improving pedestrian and bicycle safety, establishing focal points such as raingardens and nature areas, providing wayfinding signage, and improving connections to commercial areas along the Ohlone Greenway are underway. Two of the larger efforts, including the Ohlone Greenway Crosswalk Improvements and Ohlone Greenway Natural Area and Raingarden projects, are planned for construction in spring and summer of this year. These City projects are funded by various County, State and Federal grants for which the City successfully applied in previous years.

On Saturday, January 25, 2014, BART plans on hosting an event to mark the reopening of the Ohlone Greenway and thank the communities of Albany, Berkeley, and El Cerrito for their cooperation and patience during construction. The event will take place on the Ohlone Greenway at Fairmount Avenue from 10 am to 3 pm. City staff is also planning a springtime event to celebrate the Ohlone Greenway and other recently constructed pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements in the City. Additional details regarding this event will follow at a later date.