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Jan 22

Capital Improvement Project Updates

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 12:50 PM by Suzanne Iarla

Ohlone Greenway Crosswalk Improvements, C3046
The project’s construction phase is poised to begin. The first order of work is selecting and ordering of the specialized equipment for the crosswalk lighting system. This equipment has a long lead time of approximately eight weeks. Because of this, the project will not break ground until the equipment is close to delivery. Staff anticipates that work will commence in earnest by late February 2014 and be completed before the summer.

Central Avenue and Liberty Street Streetscape Improvements, C3063
Substantial completion of the project, including all civil and landscaping work, is anticipated by the end of January. At this time, on-street parking will be restored and temporary barricades and delineators will be removed. Additional, although much less disruptive, work will follow in the next few months as follows:
  • Pedestrian street light installation – Anticipated in February/March (the City is awaiting equipment delivery from the manufacturer and electrical service)
  • Pavement slurry seal and final striping – Anticipated in March/April (slurry sealing requires sustained warmer weather)
  • Recycling & Trash receptacles – March/April (we are awaiting equipment delivery from manufacturer)

2013 Street Improvement Program (State Local Partnership Program), C3072
VSS International (VSS), the project contractor, requested and was granted a delay in starting the project due to winter weather constraints. Specifically, the asphalt rubber chip seal and slurry seal are both temperature and moisture sensitive. Staff anticipates that work will commence in earnest on April 1, 2014 and be completed in the summer. Below is the final list of street segments planned for improvement: 

  • Bay Tree Lane Lawrence Court
  • Carquinez Avenue – Barrett to Lagunitas Potrero Avenue – Arlington to Douglas
  • Cutting Blvd – Arlington to Junction Regency Court
  • Edwards Avenue – Barrett to Pointsett Scott Street
  • Jordan Avenue – Nason to Alta Punta Tamalpais Court
  • Julian Drive Yuba Street – North City Limits to Zara
  • Julian Court Waldo Avenue – Pomona to Ashbury
  • Knott Avenue – San Pablo to Key