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Feb 11

Fire Prevention 2013 Update - Public Education

Posted on February 11, 2014 at 1:33 PM by Suzanne Iarla

The Fire Department’s Public Education efforts continue to evolve. The infant car seat installation program continues to be successful and continues to expand. This year there were more than 70 infant and child care seats installed for El Cerrito residents. The Fire Department car seat installers have also worked with John Muir Hospital hosting a car seat installation workshop and have participated in other car seat installation workshops throughout the region installing car seats with John Muir Hospital staff. In addition to installing the car seats, the Fire Department installers train the new parents in how to correctly and safely install or transfer their car seats between their vehicles.

The Fire Safety Trailer continues to be a great success in public education. This year the Fire Department has conducted fire safety education for more than 2,600 people of all ages. They have achieved this by being extremely active in seeking opportunities to educate the public in fire safety. The main avenues for public outreach is through fire station tours, going to public and private schools and other public events like the Tri-City Safety Day, Fourth of July Festival and Halloween. The Fire Safety Trailer has been used at several City sponsored events as well as business sponsored events and draws large numbers of participants.

In addition, the Department has conducted six CPR/First Aid classes for the public that has drawn 60 students. The citizens of El Cerrito are excited and eager to seize every opportunity to learn about emergency preparedness.

Read more about the Fire Dept. accomplishments in 2013 at: