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Feb 11

Fire Prevention 2013 Update - Weed Abatement Program

Posted on February 11, 2014 at 1:33 PM by Suzanne Iarla

The Fire Department’s Weed Abatement Program remains the most challenging and time consuming program. The program consists of inspecting every property within El Cerrito and Kensington, identifying fire hazards and having those fire hazards removed or brought up to acceptable levels. After every property is inspected, a letter of non-compliance is sent to those properties and property owners that do not comply with the City’s “Vegetation Management Standards”. This year the Fire Prevention Division sent out more than 175 notices of non-compliance and had all but seven of the properties brought into compliance voluntarily. This was achieved through the hard diligent work of Prevention Department personnel, making hundreds of phone calls and numerous site visits educating property owners of the risk and standards they were to maintain. 

Read more about the Fire Dept. accomplishments in 2013 at: