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Mar 10

Police Dept Readiness Training

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 9:52 AM by Suzanne Iarla

The Police Department coordinated and hosted training with troops from the 870th MP Company of the National Guard. This training was essential for our city, region, and state as these soldiers will act as a Quick Reaction Force and support service during natural disasters and sustained civil disobedience when authorized by the Governor. Over 80 soldiers took part in the scenarios which were reality based scenarios typical of urban policing. Both soldiers and police officers benefitted from the collaboration and the tactical components of the training. KTVU – 2 featured our department in several news stories in recognition of our efforts. Considering the size of our department, it took great effort to provide this robust training to a large Army unit. We are at the forefront of such integrated efforts and dozens of other agencies have come forward to follow the initiative that the Police Department started.