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Mar 10

Police Department Meeting and Goals

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 9:53 AM by Suzanne Iarla

In early February, the Department met and took a department photo. This annual tradition presents an opportunity to communicate the Department’s goals and central messages for how it serves the community and combats crime.

This year the Department will collectively focus on:
• The Five C’s of policing (Crime, Cost, Conduct, Character, Community) and the Department’s role in the five C’s.
• Reducing crime and the fear of crime in our city through creative problem solving and the tenets of Community Oriented Policing.
• Investing in employees through training and recruiting men and women of character and work ethic. The Department emphasized that recruiting is everyone’s responsibility.
• The Department talked about being mature and professional as it manages change and hardship as individuals and as an organization.
• The Department discussed the potential of being a leaner, more agile organization that remains committed to fighting crime while exploring innovative means for delivering services.