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Mar 10

California Police Chiefs Association - Pending Legislation

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 9:57 AM by Suzanne Iarla

Chief Moir is the 3rd Vice President of the California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) Executive Board. CPCA is co-sponsoring legislation to more effectively address marijuana in local jurisdictions like El Cerrito. The intent of the legislation is not to ban what voters desired when they supported the Compassionate Care Act, but to address specific concerns regarding marijuana.

The goals are essentially:
1) Enhance local control due to the diversity in municipalities in California;
2) Require compliance with CA Sherman Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law (AB 1277, 2012);
3) Prohibit the use of non-organic pesticides;
4) Enforcement by County Health Depts. with State Dept. of Public Health oversight; and
5) Requiring specific parameters for doctors to adhere to when prescribing marijuana. Attachment 1 to this report provides a table which serves as an educational tool regarding the legislation that was produced by CPCA. It is meant to educate and should be analyzed with that intent.

Comparison of marijuana laws and proposed legislation