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Apr 14

Capital Improvement Project Updates

Posted on April 14, 2014 at 12:11 PM by Suzanne Iarla

Capital Improvement Project Updates from the Public Works Dept. Engineering Division:

2013 Street Improvement Program (State Local Partnership Program), C3072
The 2013 Street Improvement Program will repair various street segments with moderately distressed pavement in the City. The streets included in this project will be resurfaced by applying an Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal treatment that is composed of a two-layer system of asphalt rubber chip seal with a slurry seal surfacing. This resurfacing treatment was utilized extensively and successfully in 2009 as a critical element of El Cerrito’s Accelerated Pavement Resurfacing Program. The project’s construction began during the first week of April. The first order of work will be construction of approximately 20 new curb ramps and retrofitting of about the same amount of existing curb ramps with new truncated domes. The Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal treatment will be installed in May and the project is anticipated to be completed in June.

Below is the final list of street segments planned for improvement:

Bay Tree Lane
Lawrence Court
Carquinez Avenue – Barrett to Lagunitas
Potrero Avenue – Arlington to Douglas
Cutting Blvd – Arlington to Junction
Regency Court
Edwards Avenue – Barrett to Poinsett
 Scott Street
Jordan Avenue – Nason to Alta Punta
Tamalpais Court
Julian Drive
Yuba Street – North City Limits to Zara
Julian Court
Waldo Avenue – Pomona to Ashbury
Knott Avenue – San Pablo to Key

This project is funded through a $354,000 State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP) grant with matching and additional funds of $479,000 provided by Measure A Street Improvement Fund.

Ohlone Greenway Crosswalk Improvements, C3046
The project will improve six crosswalks along and near the Ohlone Greenway by installing in-pavement and roadside flashing lights with detection devices for pedestrians and bicyclists. The project’s construction is beginning this month. The Contractor will begin installing minor improvements in the path and sidewalk areas. The specialized flashing light and detection equipment has been ordered and will be installed in May. The entire project should be completed before the summer. The project locations include the following:

• Central Avenue at the Greenway
• Central Avenue at Liberty Street
• Stockton Avenue at the Greenway
• Moeser Lane at the Greenway
• Potrero Avenue at the Greenway
• Cutting Boulevard at the Greenway

The primary funding for this project is provided by a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant of $529,290 with local matching funds provided by Contra Costa County Measure J Return to Source funds of $58,810.

Central Avenue and Liberty Street Streetscape Improvements, C3063
The project contractor is in the final stages of completing the project. The new pedestrian level lights are waiting for PG&E to provide electrical service. It is anticipated that PG&E’s work will be completed in April and the new streetlights will be activated soon thereafter.