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May 16

Police Dept: Traffic and Patrol Related News

Posted on May 16, 2014 at 12:42 PM by Suzanne Iarla

Police Department Update - Part of the City Manager’s Update of May 16, 2014

Patrol has faced staffing challenges and remained fiscally responsible regarding overtime. Several unique shift arrangements have been made that provide the public with quality service without impacting the Department’s overtime budget. Changes include officers and supervisors switching shifts to accommodate training. 
  • Officer Jake Reed made a traffic stop of a vehicle exiting the freeway and recovered a loaded/stolen handgun from a recent residential burglary in Concord. It is always positive to take a firearm off the street and highlights the transient nature and risk from the I-80 corridor.
  •  The Department performed in an exemplary manner on the distracted driving campaign. ECPD issued 614total citations in an effort to combat distracted driving, including 418 cell phone,38 texting, and 162 other distracted violations. This is likely to result in much greater safety on city streets. 
  • ECPD Explorers achieved a 1st place in shooting skills and 5th place in felony vehicle stops in a recent statewide competition involving 37 Police Explorer Teams. 
  • Locally, Department staff attended a competition in which the ECHS Mountain Bike team was racing. The kids were grateful for the support and police staff was happy to support the local kids.
Evaluation of MDC
Officers continue to field test the replacement Mobile Digital Computer options for patrol vehicles as current computers will need to be replaced in the near future.