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Aug 24

Recycling + Environmental Resource Center: Salvage Permit Process Change

Posted on August 24, 2014 at 3:11 PM by Suzanne Iarla

City Manager's Update of July 17, 2014

Staff at the El Cerrito Recycling Environmental Resource Center recently completed an update to the City's salvage permit application process, including the implementation of new application fees. In March of 2013, the El Cerrito Recycling Environmental Resource Center began implementation of newly adopted changes to the Solid Waste Ordinance, pertaining to salvage at the Center (ECMC 8.12.150). This new provision, which was intended to permit salvage of drop-off recyclables for legitimate personal reuse, established a process under which individuals could seek the City's permission to salvage. It also stipulated that applicants must pay an application fee, if one has been established in the City's Master Fee Schedule; a $15 application fee is included in the FY2014-2015 Master Fee Schedule adopted by the Council. Staff proposed this fee as cost recovery for the staff time necessary to process the roughly 300 salvage permit applications that the City receives annually.

Salvage activities at the Center are an important part of El Cerrito's climate and waste strategies, because reuse is widely considered to be of overall greater environmental benefit than recycling and buying new. Those with approved salvage permits tend to reuse materials for art and school projects, building and landscaping improvements, shipping supplies, and more. For more information about the City's salvage permit process, or to obtain a salvage permit application, please contact Lisa Ramos, Management Assistant,  510-215-4350.