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Sep 02

Mutual Aid Provided by Fire Department

Posted on September 2, 2014 at 4:46 PM by Suzanne Iarla

On July 19th, Captain Janes was deployed as an Incident Communication Manager to the South Carlton Fire in the State of Washington. During this assignment, Captain Janes worked on many different communication projects to include temporary radio sites, daily incident communication plans and operational radio deployments. We are happy to report that Captain Janes returned from the incident on August 3rd for a short period of recuperation and was redeployed on August 18th to the July Complex Fire in the Klamath National Forest, also working as a Communication Manager.

On August 2nd, Engine 372 and Strike Team Leader Gibson were deployed to the Lodge Fire in Mendocino County. Shortly after this request, OES 300 was deployed to the Bald Fire in Shasta County. On August 3rd, OES 300 was reassigned to the Eiler Fire, also in Shasta County. Both of these engines were very busy working on fire suppression and mop up operations for the entire duration of their assignment. A crew rotation took place on August 9th for OES 300 to allow for the OES 300 crew to return home after an eight day assignment. OES 300 was released on August 14th. The members of Engine 372, worked through their entire assignment, returning home August 17th. Fire Administration is happy to report that all members of the Department that participated in this lengthy assignment encountered no injuries.