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Feb 02

Update on Hana Gardens & Creekside Walk Developments

Posted on February 2, 2017 at 2:50 PM by Margaret Livingston

Hana Gardens Update
Eden Housing is nearing completion of the predevelopment phase and preparing to begin construction of Hana Gardens, the 63-unit senior affordable housing project scheduled to be built adjacent to City Hall at the former Tradeway building. Hana Gardens development funding is fully committed and Eden Housing is on track to close financing and start construction before the end of 2016. The project has a 17 month construction period, which includes 2 months for demolitions and environmental abatement. The lease up process will begin 3 months prior to project completion which is anticipated by summer, 2018. For those interested in being placed on an interest list for the senior affordable units, please contact Eden Housing at (510) 582-1460. For more information, please visit the City website or contact Katherine Ahlquist at (510) 215-4361.

Creekside Walk
The Creekside Walk development project is moving along well. The buildings have taken shape and soon the interior finish work will begin to take place. The latest component of the project to move forward is the daylighting and restoration of a segment of Cerrito Creek. The public can soon expect to see an approximately 60 foot wide by 180 feet long portion of Cerrito Creek that is currently culverted, be day lighted and restored to a natural condition. In addition to daylighting this creek corridor, the applicant will provide a pedestrian and bike path that will connect to the Ohlone Greenway to the east. For more information about the project, please contact Margaret Kavanaugh-Lynch at 215-4332. A plan and timeline for marketing both the market rate and affordable units will be available soon. For information about this, contact Katherine Ahlquist at (510) 215-4361.