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Mar 27

Police Department - March 23, 2017 Update

Posted on March 27, 2017 at 3:48 PM by Suzanne Iarla

Home Invasion Robbery Investigation
In January, ECPD Officers investigated a home invasion style robbery during which the suspect confronted a homeowner and stole money through the threat of force. During the investigation, officers determined that the suspect lost his wallet, while fleeing the scene of the crime through a neighbor’s yard. Investigators obtained a warrant for the suspect’s arrest and the San Pablo Police Department arrested him in February. Detectives undertook a search warrant at the suspect’s house and located the sweatshirt he wore during the robbery. The District Attorney’s Office filed charges against the suspect.

Felony Assault
In January, a patron at Nation’s Hamburgers was assaulted by two suspects. During the attack, he was kicked in the head numerous times, resulting in him losing consciousness and suffering significant facial injuries. Through January and February, Investigators identified the suspects and obtained warrants for their arrest. An alert patrol team located one of the suspects walking by his apartment, in a neighborhood near Nation’s Restaurant, in January. The Alameda Police Department located the second suspect hiding in a vacant house in their jurisdiction, in February. The District Attorney is proceeding with criminal cases against both suspects.

Cold Case Work
The investigations unit has been working closely with the District Attorney’s Office and other agencies to bring closure to cold homicide cases. Investigators are reopening an investigation from 1975 to try to definitively solve a case of murder of a resident, linked to a suspect known to commit similar crimes. Investigators have also worked with criminalists to identify other possible items of evidence in a homicide case and a rape case from the early 2000’s. Investigators have been speaking with Dateline about the possibility of doing an episode that includes a review of a homicide from 2015 that occurred on Leneve Place. Investigators are working with the US Marshalls Service to locate the suspect in that homicide.