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Jun 13

El Cerrito Homeowners Workshop

Posted on June 13, 2017 at 5:03 PM by Margaret Livingston

On May 26th Jay Marlette, the City’s Code Enforcement officer and Building Inspector, hosted a workshop for El Cerrito residents on the components of a home and how to identify common issues and defects. Ten people attended the workshop which included information on foundations, roofs, handrails, water heaters, smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and other pieces that make up a home.

This workshop was the first in what will become a series of informative workshops designed to assist homeowners in learning how to properly maintain their property and keep it code compliant.

If you would like to print the handouts or view the slideshow that was presented at this workshop, please visit our Residential Rental Inspection Program page at or contact Jay Marlette at or 215-4363 for more information.