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Aug 09

Residential Rental Inspection Program Update

Posted on August 9, 2017 at 11:50 AM by Margaret Livingston

The Residential Rental Inspection Program assures that rental units in the City of El Cerrito are safe and sanitary. Rental units in El Cerrito are required to meet the standards set forth by the California Health and Safety Code and the International Property Maintenance Code, which have been adopted by the El Cerrito Municipal Code.

Thirty-two correction notices have been sent to property owners over the past two and a half month period identifying the following conditions that must be corrected:
• 18 unsafe handrail/guardrail conditions;
• 16 building deterioration conditions;
• 25 electrical safety conditions;
• 16 plumbing/sanitation conditions;
• 35 water heater safety conditions;
• 5 fire insufficient egress conditions;
• 11 fire safety conditions; and
• 11 HVAC conditions

This proactive program offers property owners an opportunity to check in on their investments while at the same time offering tenants assurances that their homes are safe. For more information, visit; or call Jay Marlette – Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector at 215-4363 or email him.