Recent Arrests and Other Law Enforcement Activity by the El Cerrito Police Department

Recent Arrests and Other Law Enforcement Activity

This page includes a brief summary of Recent Arrests and Other Law Enforcement Activity by the El Cerrito Police Department.

Please direct any case-related questions and inquiries to Detective Corporal Gilbert Tang: 510-215-4446.

May 01

[ARCHIVED] City Management Staff Update

The original item was published from March 2, 2018 12:44 PM to May 1, 2020 11:43 AM

Assistant City Manager Karen Pinkos represented El Cerrito in her role as the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) President-Elect in Tel Aviv, Israel, February 12-16. She attended the ICMA International Regional Conference as well as the MuniWorld Expo, sponsored by the Israel Federation of Local Authorities. MuniWorld is an annual “think tank” focused on brainstorming key challenges and threats facing Smart Cities, where Digital, Technical and Information Officers from the leading global cities met to reveal proven best practices and exchange expertise.

In addition, Karen will be traveling to different regions of the country during the months of March through May to represent El Cerrito and ICMA at the ICMA Regional Conferences. These conferences are two-day learning experiences with career-building, mentoring, and leading ideas to help local government professionals and their communities thrive. ICMA is sponsoring all travel expenses for Karen’s attendance at the International and Regional Conferences. Karen also recently appeared on a panel at the League of California Cities City Managers Department Annual Conference speaking on how the relationship between City Managers and Assistant/Deputy City Managers is critical to success. She also attended the League City Managers Department Executive Committee meeting and participated with League leadership in discussions on the League and Department’s strategic priorities.

After reviewing close to 200 applications, City Management is in the home stretch for selecting an Assistant to the City Manager. Four finalists will be interviewed by the City Manager and Assistant City Manager, which will lead to a final selection and announcement as soon as possible.