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Oct 25

El Cerrito's Recycling Participation Continues to Excel

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 3:43 PM by Suzanne Iarla

Assembly Bill 341 (AB341), required businesses that generate over a certain amount of garbage, and all multi-family dwellings (MFDs) with 5 or more units, to establish a recycling program by July 1, 2012. As of April 30, 2013 - after many months of direct outreach, site visits, and follow-up with all affected businesses and MFDs - the Environmental Services Division reported that all El Cerrito entities subject to AB341 were compliant with the law. Under AB341, El Cerrito is required to inform all affected entities of the requirements of the law, notify them if they appear to be out of compliance, and conduct annual outreach and monitoring of our community’s performance.

Fortunately, because of improvements to commercial and MFD recycling programs initiated over the last few years, El Cerrito had a good head start towards ensuring maximum participation in recycling programs. El Cerrito's recycling participation was recently verified during required site visitations with staff from CalRecycle (the State department that oversees waste management activities), during which several notable El Cerrito businesses were audited. All audited businesses were participating in recycling collection programs, and many were participating in the food scrap collection programs. Further outreach to the commercial and MFD community is scheduled to occur between January and June, 2014.

 Interested parties should contact the Operations Environmental Services Division at 510-215-4350 or send an email to schedule an appointment.