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'Moeser/Ashbury Ave Pedestrian and Bicycle Corridor Improvements'

Jun 10

Capital Improvment Program (CIP) Project Updates - June 10, 2013

Posted to City Manager's Updates on June 10, 2013 at 4:57 PM by Suzanne Iarla

Moeser/Ashbury Ave Pedestrian and Bicycle Corridor Improvements
Golden Bay Construction, the City’s contractor, began construction in mid-May with the narrowing of the median islands along Moeser Lane. The first order of work, removal of the juniper bushes, is intended to improve visibility between pedestrians and motorists, raised questions about the project from community members. Staff fielded questions ranging from project scope, intent and duration, to concerns about restoring the landscaping in the medians and loss of parking in specific areas. Staff is working on updating the public through press releases, the City’s website, and is also responding promptly to resident emails and phone calls. The project is scheduled to be completed by early September, with the majority of the disruptive work being completed before the start of the fall school semester.

Arlington Blvd at Madera Dr. and at Brewster Dr. Intersection Improvements
The project was essentially completed in March with final punch-list items extending into April. Notice of Completion was recently filed and all that remains is various close-out activities such as: final payments to the contractor, submittals of project documentation and invoicing to Caltrans.
Potrero Ave between E. 55th and E. 56th Safety Improvements
Construction is progressing towards completion near the end of June. The new traffic signals are up and running and currently operating in a testing mode. Items remaining include minor concrete, slurry sealing, and permanent traffic striping. Close-out activities will follow.

Central Ave and Liberty Streetscape Improvements
At its May 7 meeting, the City Council authorized the City Manager to award a contract to McGuire and Hester upon successful negotiations of a value engineering deductive change order. Staff is currently initiating this process and hopes to conclude successful negotiations within the next 3 weeks with construction commencing shortly thereafter.