What about ants and other bugs?

Exposed food scraps tend to attract fruit flies, ants, and other insects if left uncovered. There are several ways to manage this problem, including: 

  • Keeping a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the empty container then piling food and yard waste on top to keep decomposed organics from accumulating on the bottom,
  • Covering your food scraps with shredded white paper, grass clipping or other yard debris, 
  • Putting your food scraps in paper bags or wrapping them in other compost-safe paper (i.e. brown paper, butcher paper, newspaper, or using a paper landscape bag as a liner inside your green bin to fill), or 
  • Utilizing an ASTM D6400 BPI certified compostable bag for food scraps,  
  • Additionally, regularly setting your green bin to the curb for weekly pick-up will also help to minimize its attraction to critters looking for free food.

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