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Maintenance Services
City Stewards
The role of the Maintenance Division staff is to act as stewards of the City's valuable public infrastructure and facilities, and to implement improvements that better meet the City's needs as measured by citizen requests for service and by tasks identified by the street, storm drain, landscape, and facility management programs. 

Maintenance & Operations
The Maintenance Division utilizes a combination of in-house staff and outside contractors for the ongoing maintenance and operations associated with parks and public spaces, landscaping, irrigation systems, sidewalks, streets, trails, streetlights, storm drains and public water courses, and traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.

The division responds to emergencies or requests for service after hours, on holidays, and on weekends through a designated "call-out" procedure as the need arises. The division also provides staff support for the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Public Works Dept.
Yvetteh Ortiz
Public Works Director/City Engineer

Engineering Division
Melissa Tigbao
Manager/Senior Engineer

Encroachment Permits
& Street Improvement Requests

Paving, ADA, Traffic
City Hall
10890 San Pablo Avenue
Precilla Mandujano
Management Assistant
Saied Aminian
Engineering Technician

Operations + Environmental Services Division
Maria Sanders
OESD Manager

Recycling+Environmental Resource Center
Recycling and Solid Waste
7501 Schmidt Ln

Clean Water Program
Street Tree Maintenance
Stephen Prée
Environmental Programs Manager

General Maintenance
Streets, Sidewalks, Lights, Parks, Fields, Signs, Graffiti
Report Illicit Discharges to Storm Drains and Creeks

Lisa Ramos
Management Assistant

Afterhours Emergency Call-outs for Maintenance Concerns