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Teach for the Recreation Department

The Recreation Department offers a broad range of classes and is looking for creative, innovative, artistic, and enthusiastic teachers. If you are interested or know of someone who would like to be considered as an instructor, please contact the appropriate Supervisor below:

For Youth/Teen/Adult/After-School Enrichment Programs, please contact Vivian Brandt, Community Services Supervisor by calling (510) 559-7007 or by EMAIL.

For Senior focused programs, please contact Janet Bilbas, Adult Services Supervisor by calling (510) 559-7680 or by EMAIL.

New instructors will be contacted and invited to participate in an interview with an opportunity to share their experience and portfolio. The ideal instructor will be talented, able, and committed. They should have experience and a proven track record of successful recreation classes. They will work as an independent contractor for the City.

Download the Class Proposal Schedule and Course Proposal Form.

Community & Citizen Partnerships
The Recreation Department is proud of its collaborations with local business and community members. With the support of our citizens and business community, the recreation staff is able to expand many of its programs that are offered to the community. Partnering can be accomplished in several different ways with contributions to specific events, programs, and scholarships for both young and old.

If you have an idea for a new program, class, event, or activity, please don't hesitate to contact our staff to see how we can help. We're constantly looking for new programming opportunities to make our community better. We invite you to be involved in a partnership with the El Cerrito Recreation Department. Call us at (510) 559-7004 or contact us online.

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