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Parking Citations
Parking Enforcement

The El Cerrito Police Department enforces state laws and municipal ordinance parking violations. The fines amounts are based on laws of the State of California or as in the case of municipal ordinances, pursuant to the City of El Cerrito Master Fee Schedule.

Paying Parking Fines

Fines resulting from Parking Citations issued by the El Cerrito Police Department can be paid for in one of two ways:
  • Online 
  • By mail: City of El Cerrito c/o Citation Processing Center
    P.O. Box 22814
    Denver, CO 80222-2814

A parking citation can be disputed in writing. You can submit the dispute form online or pick up the form at the El Cerrito Police Department, located at 10900 San Pablo Avenue. For more information regarding this procedure, please call (510) 423-7275.

Important note: The citations are processed by an outside company, therefore they can not be paid at the Police Department.