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Curbside Organics Collection
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Green Waste
El Cerrito residents and businesses may put food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yardwaste in the green cart. The green waste is taken to a composting facility instead of a landfill, as part of the City of El Cerrito's strategy to fight climate change and reduce waste.  The City of El Cerrito's franchised waste hauler, East Bay Sanitary Company, provides weekly organics or "greenwaste" collection for all homes, apartments, and businesses in El Cerrito. 

Residents and businesses may use the green bin for organic materials, including vegetables, fruits, meat & bones, breads, cheese, eggshells, paper products (cups, plates, napkins), tea bags, milk cartons, cut flowers, coffee grounds & filters, leaves, small branches, plant trimmings, grass clipping, and wax paper.

Commercial Green Waste Requirements
The State of California has passed a commercial organics recycling law (Chesboro AB1826), which establishes a timeline for commercial accounts to adopt recycling of organic materials. Commercial accounts include apartment complexes, businesses, schools, and other institutions. If your establishment produces more than 4 cubic yards of solid waste per week, you will need to adopt an organics recycling program by one of the following dates:

* January 1, 2017 – Commercial accounts generating four cubic yards of organic waste per week
* January 1, 2019 – Commercial accounts generating four cubic yards or more of solid waste per week

Organic waste includes: food waste, green waste, landscape & pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste, and food-spoiled paper waste that typically is mixed in with food waste. Some commercial accounts can save money by reducing their garbage container size and increasing their recycling and composting practices.

Materials Accepted
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Questions about recycling, green waste, or garbage?
Check out our brochure: Everything you ever wanted to know about recycling and garbage services in El Cerrito.
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Contact East Bay Sanitary directly at 510-237-4321 or to start, stop, change, or ask questions about your curbside programs. Elderly or disabled residents who can't move carts on their own may subscribe to a free back-yard service.  Call East Bay Sanitary to set up this service (please be prepared to provide proof of senior status or disability).